Prepare for a New Solar Thermal Reflector System

reflec techAlbuquerque-based SkyFuel LLC unveiled a new solar thermal reflector system in Colorado on Oct. 10 that, for the first time, replaces glass mirrors with a polymer-based solar array.

They inaugurated a 100-meter array that sports parabolas made with the “ReflecTech” mirror film, a metalized polymer that can be laminated to aluminum sheets.

ReflecTech is actually more reflective than the best glass mirrors currently available, yet it costs 50 percent less.

Unlike photovoltaic, concentrating solar power uses massive solar reflectors to heat fluids to create steam for turbine generators.

From the website Reflec tech solar

ReflecTech® Mirror Film is a highly reflective, glass-free, polymer-based film for concentrating sunlight in solar energy arrays. ReflecTech® Mirror Film also has applications for concentrating photovoltaic systems, and other emerging CSP technologies such as linear Fresnel reflectors. All of these solar applications require the use of reflectors that have high reflectivity across the solar spectrum, are durable for many years in outdoor environments, and are low in cost.

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