Review of the Navigon Three-way Car Power Adapter

This review of the Navigon Three Way Car Power Adaptor aims to let you know the technical details of the product while simultaneously informing you of what to expect from it. You’ll find out how easy it is to use or it requires heavy maintenance and also the most important question – does it work at all? Is it something you want to plug into your car?

Depending on where you purchase it, it costs around seven to fourteen dollars. It aims to let you charge three things in your car at one time. Traditionally, most cars only have one plug to allow a third party item to charge, such as a cellphone or even a laptop. As the name suggests, it has three open ports and works with anything that has a car charger attachment. Think of it as an expansion or extension cord for your car and is something that you might have been looking for.

The adaptor itself is fairly easy to use – just plug it in and it works well. It has shown promise in powering multiple small devices, such as GPS machines and mobile phones. Maintenance of the product is fairly simple. It has no moving parts, which means that it should not break unless it is mishandled or intentionally damaged. Of note is its sticker or mounting tape, which lets it supposedly stick securely to your dashboard. It is quite weak and will lose its adhesive properties fairly quickly, so a savvy consumer might need to plan for that.

The biggest problem with the adaptor is that its outlets are placed near to each other. This can be extremely frustrating as some products, such as certain twelve volt plugs just do not fit right beside each other. However, if your plugs all fit it is a sturdy and well powered product, one that seems like a worthy addition to most cars.

The biggest problem with it is its price – at ten dollars and up, it stops becoming a bargain and becomes strangely priced as a luxury item, one that most people would choose not to purchase. It really depends on the consumer, how much time they spend in the car and how many things they want to charge at any given moment. Luckily, some sellers let it go for seven dollars – that’s the sweet spot that makes it a worthy purchase.

Hopefully this review of the Navigon Three-Way Car Power Adaptor has helped you make a decision on whether or not you want to purchase it.

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