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How to Use 12 Volt Portable Solar Powered Battery Chargers

Solar power is continuously gaining momentum and popularity. There are now solar chargers designed to power cell-phones, cars, laptops, etc. The solar charger harnesses energy form the sun and stores the energy within its battery for later use. Typically, a solar charger can hold on to its charge for up to a year. The advantage to using a solar charger is that it eliminates all of those unnecessary, bulky chargers for every electronic device.

The Most Recommended Solar Chargers Are:

It may be difficult to choose between the best solar chargers because there are a lot of great models out there that basically perform the same functions. Upon being fully charged, the solar charger can fill a cell-phone’s life twice or play up to twenty hours of music.
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Review of the Best RV Battery Chargers and Solar Panel Kits

You don’t need to hire a professional to plan a solar photovoltaic system for your RV. Using these steps, you can plan the perfect system on your own and calculate how long it will take to pay for itself.

The Most Recommended Solar Chargers Are:

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Goal Zero Solar Chargers Review

Goal Zero is a pioneer is the portable solar charging industry, making some of the best chargers on the market. There are many products, but this review will look at three of their most popular models: the Nomad 7 foldable solar panel, the Guide 10 Adventure Kit and the Sherpa 50 Adventure Kit. Each one has different features, making them perfect for different uses or trips.

Nomad 7 Solar Panel

goal zero nomad 7The Nomad 7 is a very compact and lightweight solar panel. When folded up, it is not much taller than a pencil, and it’s about as wide as a small journal. The solar panel can collect about seven watts of energy from the sun, and the output is around five watts. You can also connect a USB or 12V connecter right into the solar panel, so you can charge directly from the sun.
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Solar Cell Phone Battery Charger Reviews

Solar powered cell phone chargers can be a better alternative to electrical cell phone chargers. You have to plug in your cell phone to a home outlet and then you have to wait a long time for your cell phone to be charged.

The charging of your cell phone takes electricity and the electricity costs money. It seems that you need to pay your mobile cell phone service provider for using your cell phone and you also have to pay the electric company for using your cell phone.

The Most Recommended Solar Chargers Are:

You are out of luck if you are outdoors and your cell phone battery dies. There are hardly any places that will let you plug in your cell phone in order to charge it. This is one of the reasons why a solar cell phone recharger is for you. You can charge your cell phone battery outdoors if your cell phone dies. It is true that you need sunlight in order to charge your cell phone, but most solar mobile phone chargers come with a storage device so that you can charge your cell phone even if there is no sunlight.

How Much Time do I Need to Full Charge?

General Rule to estimate total hours of direct sunlights to full charge: (Amperer per Hour of the Battery / Amperes per Hour of the Charger) + 10%

Assuming You have a 5 Watt / Hour Cell Phone Battery (like the one of Sony Ericsson Kurara, Nokia N900 or Razr V3)  and a 2 Watt output solar Charger, You need first to convert Watt in Ampere: Ampere= Watt/Volts

It’s about 5/12 = 0.417 Amperes per Hours for the batery and 0.167 Amperes for the charger

To Calculate how much time You’ll need to charge the battery with a 2 Watt solar charger You’ll have:
1° Calculate the Ampere per hour of the charger: 2 Watts /12 Volts = 0.167 Amperes
2° Divide 0.417 amp hours (cell phone batery) / 0.167 ampers (solar charger) = 2.50 Hours of direct sunlight to full charge You cell phone Battery
3° Add 10%: 2.75 hours

Result: You’ll need an average of 3 hours of direct sunlight to full charge Your cell phone battery using a 2 Watt solar charger or 30 minutes if You have one of 18 Watt.
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How Do I Charge My Car’s Battery with Solar Panels ? In Depth Review

Solar chargers for cars are becoming the most probable choice for powering cars and this is perhaps due to the convenience they create. As you drive, the solar charger will be charging your car battery and the best thing is that as long as you connect your battery to it, your battery cannot die simply because the car has not been driven for a while.

The Most Recommended Solar Chargers Are:

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Reviews of Marine Solar Boat Battery Chargers 12 Volt

One of the best ways to generate electricity is by using solar energy. 12v marine solar battery chargers are now widely used, are easy to install and can work for very many years without any problems. They are usually packed in a kit that has a solar panel, battery pack, conversion technology needed and any necessary wiring.

The Most Recommended Solar Chargers Are:

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Portabe Solar Usb Battery Chargers Review

According to customer reviews, three of the best USB solar chargers include the Powerfilm USB and AA Solar Panel Charger, the Sosche SolBat II Solar Powered Backup Battery and Charger, and the Tenergy USB-5000 Hybrid Solar Charger. Here’s a closer look at each of these three solar USB chargers.

Technical Details

Powerfilm USB and AA Solar Power Charger
This charger (In depth review here) is one of Powerfilm’s foldable solar panels. It folds down small enough to fit in a cargo pocket. When it’s unfolded, it stretches 24” long and 5.5” wide. Most small USB devices can be charged from the Powerfilm. The compact size and durability of the Powerfilm charger makes it ideal for backpackers who want to charge up in the wilderness but don’t want a lot of extra weight.
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Solar Laptop Battery Charger Reviews

Laptop batteries unfortunately run low as you use your laptop. Depending on the tasks you are performing, such as word processing versus watching a DVD, your battery will last for more or less time before it needs charging.

The battery rating can give you an indication of the amount of time you have between charges. Battery ratings are in amp hours usually. Higher amp hours means a longer time between charges or the ability to do more processing in a small amount of time.

The most common battery ratings are between 1 and 3 amp hours conventional batteries and these batteries take 4 hours or more to charge fully.

There are higher capacity batteries available that go up to 8 amp hours and charge a battery fully in 1-3 hours. However, some of these batteries are external and quite heavy.

laptop solar charger chart

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What’s the Best Solar Panel to Charge my Iphone Battery?

When choosing a solar charger for your iphone (3g, 3gs or 4g), there are two basic options: products manufactured primarily for the i phone, and products that are universal. With specialized chargers, you have more thought going toward the iphone, yet if you have multiple devices and want to power all equally, there is the less expensive option of purchasing a unit that can multi-task.

The Most Recommended Solar Chargers Are:

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