Solar Laptop Battery Charger Reviews

Laptop batteries unfortunately run low as you use your laptop. Depending on the tasks you are performing, such as word processing versus watching a DVD, your battery will last for more or less time before it needs charging.

The battery rating can give you an indication of the amount of time you have between charges. Battery ratings are in amp hours usually. Higher amp hours means a longer time between charges or the ability to do more processing in a small amount of time.

The most common battery ratings are between 1 and 3 amp hours conventional batteries and these batteries take 4 hours or more to charge fully.

There are higher capacity batteries available that go up to 8 amp hours and charge a battery fully in 1-3 hours. However, some of these batteries are external and quite heavy.

laptop solar charger chart

So, considering the power your battery needs each hour and an average of 8 working hours a day, this means You’ll consume nearly 20,8 KWatt each year to run Your laptop (considering 260 working days).

Now try to imagine, each notebook owner creates 0.01 tonnes of CO2 per year. Now multiply this number for the total amount of laptop used in the world and feel guilty!!

Solar Chargers for Laptops

If you use your laptop/notebook computer outdoors frequently, you have probably found that you have to pack up and relocate to be near an outlet when your batteries run low.

To avoid this, you could use a solar laptop power supply. Since the sun is readily available, free, and a clean source of energy, this is your best choice for using your computer outside.

Since you are working outside, you are likely quite mobile, and require good portability. You also want your batteries to charge while you are working or charge in a short amount of time.

The price varies for solar powered laptop chargerS. They tend to be higher priced than solar chargers for a phone or mp3 player because of the power needed for a notebook computer.

Here are the top 3 solar chargers:

Voltaic Generator

voltaic solar charger

This 15 watt charger is in the form of a solar powered laptop bag that is made of recycled materials. It has batteries to store the charge, and unfortunately this makes the bag heavy, at 4.5 pounds. Also, it takes 1 full day to charge a notebook computer. The price is competitive at $600 since you get the functionality of a laptop case as well. The bag comes in silver, orange black and green.

Xantrex Technologies 852-2071 Powerpack

xantrex laptop power pack

Xantrex Technologies 852-2071 Xpower AC/DC Powerpack Solar With 400 Watt Inverter, Two AC Outlets, USB Port, And Digital Display

This 5 watt solar powerpack charges a 400 watt battery that will run almost anything you can think of. It has two AC outlets for charging your laptop or any accessories you might have. It can also simultaneously charge small devices using the USB port. The powerpack weighs a hefty 12 lbs, but it has multiple functions. At less than $200 this item is a cost effective choice that only sacrifices portability. This is a good choice if you are traveling by car or working in a stationary location, due to the weight of the charger.

Portable Solar Laptop Charger Package 30 Watt

laptop solar battery charger

This 30 watt charger has a flexible solar panel. It is capable of charging while you work full time on your laptop. It has a high amount of power and a corresponding high price of $700. However, it is ultra portable at under 4 lbs.

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  1. steve waugh

    Solar Panel Savings Measurement Tool – The website allows us to check how much will we actually save by installing solar panels on our roof. To calculate the savings, the website considers the square feet area currently available to install solar panels, available sunlight and its intensity in every state (of USA), in each month of the year, and the energy (kWh) we are currently consuming

  2. C. Allen.

    Dear Sir,
    I have a Toshiba Satllite laptop can you recomend which Solar Charger would be suitable, also details and price and where to buy one.
    Yours Faithfully
    Charles Allen.

  3. admin Post author

    It depends on your daily use (time?), where you think to use it (a sunny location?) and type of work it needs to do (software running, process etc…?)


  4. panasonic Lumix DMC-FX9 battery charger

    You’re absolutely right!

    I do the very same thing and my battery lasts longer now than it did when I bought it!

    It wasn’t something I was consciously doing at

    I’d be working away on my computer and I’d totally forget that my battery wouldn’t last very long. So, I always ended up suddenly getting that warning signal telling you that you’ve got 10% battery life left…

    And then I’d curse loudly, jump up and run off to find my lead…

    Anyway, I’ve noticed that nowerdays my battery lasts much longer :)

  5. javanluis

    It also depends what system your laptop is runing and what size of your screen. Usually, large size screen consume more than power than small one.

  6. DAIMA

    im looking for sufficient solar power accessories to operate home tv 18-in,pc 400watt,radio 1000watt and 8 bulbs for lighting.can i do this cheaply than using eletricity???than you

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