How to Buy the Coleman Solar 18 Watt 12 Volt Deep Cycle Battery Charger

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Coleman Solar 18 W 12 V Battery ChargerDescription: It’s a panel designed to avoid natural battery discharge or electronic drain in all deep cycle batteries (RV, boat, truck, mobile home, car).  The solar charger start working when exposed to daylight. An illuminated LEDs lets you know if the panel is charging. You can fix it near a constant sunlight source.

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Uses: Keep charged all deep cycle batteries

Where to Buy & Coupons: Amazon

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Nearly 100 Dollars is a good price considering its performances and wattage.


The solar panel doesn’t have the wattage to do a complete recharge a deep cycle battery in 1 day. One of the drawbacks of this panel is that most people have noted a discharge on the battery after the charge indicator is off, even though the connected devices are either turned off or not plugged in. To avoid this battery drain the solution is to add a switch.


Length:41.34 inches Width:18.31 inches Height:2.95 inches


It has a blue indicator light on it that shows that it is working.

Made in USA?: Imported.

Accessories: Brunton Solar Controller 12-Volt Battery Charge Monitor

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6 thoughts on “How to Buy the Coleman Solar 18 Watt 12 Volt Deep Cycle Battery Charger

  1. john de rousselle

    I would like to know that Iam very intertesed in solar power. I purchased two panels at walmart to recharge my three batteers in my
    RV they are working very good. The 12 volt power at night gives me 10 hours of power to operate asmall tv DVD Cd lights.I am also thinking of installing the coleman 12 volt chiller cooler in my RV. would like to know if need someone to test your Products.
    John DeRousselle 100 north 7th street,temple texas 76501 phone 15126578506 send me products Iwill test and relay back info.

  2. Gamachu Abu

    kinkly please i need help of how many watts of solar panel will enough to power my 19.5V by 3.9A
    of laptop and 50 watts of my colour TV?

    G. Abu

  3. lucas

    I noticed the other Coleman indicated that it wasn’t for outdoor use (??). How is this one? I plan to mount it to my VW bus to charge my second deep-cycle battery that powers a thermoelectric cooler, some fans, etc. Is 18W enough power for this kind of thing? Can you compare quality of Coleman to the 15W Sunforce? I’m looking to spend <$100, so these are appealing options, please let me know if I've overlooked another brand.

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