Guide to Buy the Brunton Solar Controller 12-Volt Battery Charge Monitor

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Brunton Solar Controller 12 Volt Charge ControllerDescription: The Brunton Solar Controller 12v Battery Charging Monitor is an helpful tool to help you avoid overcharging your 12-volt batteries. The manufacturer says that once connected you can charge your 12v battery nonstop for days. The controller will cut off the power when charging is complete.  It’s also good for maintaining the battery in its fully charged state (i.e. RV parked for days or boats). It’s compatible with most of the solar panels (of different brands too) available.

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Uses: Useful for RV, Boats and all batteries that need to stay well charged for long periods of disuse

What I Liked: It’s a normal controller…not so much to say. Brunton is a good brand. The led indicator are helpful to know when the battery is full.

What Needs Improvement: The controller is nearly perfect…great job!

Where to Buy & Coupons: Amazon

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Package & Design:

Not so impressive but compact and useful


The controller is easy to install and provides an indication of “charging” or “charged”.


Nearly 30 dollar is a good price considering the quality of this tool and cost savings of not having a “fried battery”


It measures 3.8 x 1 x 2.7 inches; weighs 4.2 ounces.


Before you attach it to the battery both the CHARGING and BATTERY FULL light will be on. Once you hook it up to the battery it works well. It looks very standard in its construction. Versatile for every solar panels.

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17 thoughts on “Guide to Buy the Brunton Solar Controller 12-Volt Battery Charge Monitor

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  3. Steve Kennedy

    Is the Brunton Solar Controller 12-Volt Battery Charge Monitor weather and temperature proof? I would like to use this for my RV year round.

  4. admin Post author


    yes it should be proof. Consider the place where you’ll be install it. I don’t reccommend You to put it near the top of Your RV.

    Hope it helps

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  6. Sue

    What solar powered battery charger do I need to get for my boyfriends boat? He wants to use it as a back up source for charging the battery while on the water?

  7. Togs

    I have a 140watt bifold panel.
    which solar controller would be best to use with this panel to keep my battery bank of 175ah (agm) charged.

  8. Ajit Paranjape

    Please send me the details of the manufactures of Solar Battery Chargers of capacity upto 100W minimum and 12V or 24 V



  9. Madhukar Bhatt

    I am in solar power unit design field. Just beginner. Please reply what is the thumb rule to select solar charge controller. As for example 600 Watts is connected load. Here in India it is 230Volts. We select solar panel 600Watts x 1.25% =750 Watts.
    Accordingly Battery selected 750Watts / 12 Volt =62.5 Amp Please inform method of calculation to select solar charge controller between solar panel & Battery.
    Further, I shall be thankful if you will please inform the complete technical data, information to design solar power supply unit as for example 1000 Watts connected load. Then how solar panel,charge controller,battery,inverter selected? Your guidance and information is valuable to me.
    Madhukar Bhatt

  10. Soheil

    kindly i want charging battery of laptop (19.5 V,4.62A) by solar panel (12V) But charge controller 19.5 is not existence in shopping! please guide me for solving of this problem
    Best regards

  11. Richard

    Would the Brunton Solar Controller work for a 36 volt golf cart system,, I am getting ready to put a 15 watt solar panel on my golf cart roof

  12. gary

    hi, I got a 15w brunton solar panel and the 7w regulator. I hooked it all up and I don’t get any lights to come on in my regulator. I first thought the regulator was bad and got another one but still nothing. I have power from the panel, the included light tester comes on when I plug it in. any thoughts or suggestions on what could be wrong

  13. Donald Little

    We have a 12 vol DC Flojet water pump we use to water our livestock from a pond. The pump draws 7 amps. It is connected to two Siemens 50 solar panels, 100watts, 7amps, which charges a 12 volt marine battery. We have used the B-Z mini charge controllers and a Sun. They overcharge the batteries plus do not have a low voltage disconnect, LVD. Do you have a charge controller that is more reliable? All the controllers we have used quit working after a couple years. The B-Z look like something got hot on the back side. Epoxy appears partially melted. Why??

  14. kathu


    kindly send me the complete technical data and information to design the solar system

    thanks and regards


  15. warren

    I have a small solar system and need to know which charge controller you would recommend.

    1 solar panel as follows:

    Rated maximum power 125W
    Current maximum 7.2 A
    Voltage at Pmax 17.4V
    Short circuit current 7.8A
    Open circuit voltage 22.1V
    Operating cell temp 50 degrees
    Maximum system voltage 1000V

    Used to charge

    3 12V 20AH deep cycle batteries

    Thank you,

    801 918 3499

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