Customers Reviews of Coleman Solar 4.5-Watt 12-Volt Deep-Cycle Battery Charger #CL-300

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Coleman 4.5W 12V Deep Cycle Battery ChargerDescription: This solar charger is designed to protect against natural battery discharge and electronic drain in RVs, boats, trucks, or mobile homes.

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What I Liked: For its wattage the panel works good for maintaining deep cycle batteries full charged.

What Needs Improvement: Surely the global wattage output. The panel is not good for charging flat batteries or using it to power devices.

Where to Buy & Coupons: Amazon

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Package & Design:

It’s a thin panel that looks like a little black board


Illuminated LEDs lets you know the panel is charging. In the package are included mounting screws. The charger is plug-in-play compatible for quick connections, and a cigarette lighter adapter and a battery clamp are also included with the panel.


I looked around and this is a very good price for a solar charger of this wattage.


As battery charge maintainer it works well. Battery looks to stay charged much longer with this attached. It produces small current in full sunlight that it can only maintain the existing charge of a battery.


The ad copy clearly states “Water resistant” but the instructions state that it is not suitable for outdoor use.

Made in USA?: Imported.

Accessories: Brunton Solar Controller 12-Volt Battery Charge Monitor

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8 thoughts on “Customers Reviews of Coleman Solar 4.5-Watt 12-Volt Deep-Cycle Battery Charger #CL-300

  1. Steve Foxs

    I have purchased two of these 4.5 watt coleman solar panels, i plan on building a solar array two power electronic lighting in my home. i have found out that the battery clips that were provided with my solar panels were reversed, meaning that the color codes on the clips were wrong. i hope that this info may help someone else having problems.

  2. admin Post author

    Thank You Steve, Your feedback was very useful and surely will help others to the right decision.

    Please can You share your solar array project?


  3. kellon

    this sounds intresting. i want to buy a solar pannel and charger for my solar water heater so when the sun goes down i can use a heater which is 1200w and run it on battery power. what is the specification that will be recommend for the solar pannel and the battery that will be able to complement the heater

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  5. Christian

    Dear Solar Charger Users,

    I would like to use a deep charge boat battery to provide about 2-3 hours of light a day for my chickens. The battery would be running a timer all the time and 2-3 20 watt bulbs. What type of charger would I need? How much do they cost?

    Thanks for the help.


  6. paul


    Power = Volts x Amps

    Amps = Power / Volts,

    So 4.5W/12v = 0.3A

    A car headlamp is typically 60W, thats 5 Amps, a 12v flourescents is about 12w so therefore you need at least 1 Amp.
    The maximum efficiency of solar panel is about 7-13%, with cheap ones about 3-5%,
    therefore on a sunny day, its about 100W (uk) to 300W (asia) per square meter. Assuming the panel has a 5% efficiency, that makes the solar irradance between 5w and 15W per square meter (maximum possible), so if its perfect conditions you may get 4.5W. They say you get about 50-60% of the claimed power over a year, so lets take 50%, therefore 50% of 4.5W is about 2.25W. The reality is if you use this to charge your car battery, then you need to disconnect all the power cables onto the battery (because there is residual loss, eg clock, alarm etc), and keep it in the sunlight for weeks.
    To be realistic you need between 40 – 80 Watt solar panel to get anything usable.
    Hope this helps

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