Reviews of Marine Solar Boat Battery Chargers 12 Volt

One of the best ways to generate electricity is by using solar energy. 12v marine solar battery chargers are now widely used, are easy to install and can work for very many years without any problems. They are usually packed in a kit that has a solar panel, battery pack, conversion technology needed and any necessary wiring.

The Most Recommended Solar Chargers Are:

Using Solar Boat Trickle Chargers

They are used on boats to guard against any natural electronic drain and battery discharge. These solar chargers for boats are made using designs that are weather proof so they cannot be easily damaged while in the water.

Solar chargers can be used on boats for any complimentary electronic gear that may need to be used while the boat is out on the water.

The complimentary gear

The complimentary gear includes communication and entertainment devices, fish finders and sonar. There are some full kits that are available to run this electronic gear on the boats.

The solar chargers can also be used to charge the boats’ batteries and this usually comes in a different kit from the ones used to charge the electric gear. The kits have some solar panels that you can mount in various locations on your boat. The panels are connected to a marine solar charge controller unit that will charge the battery.

A solar power charger works well on a boat because the solar panels are very well exposed to the sun while on the water and this reduces the amount of time it takes for the batteries to be charged.

Some of the panels that are used for charging boats have integrated batteries that function as power packs. You can charge this internal battery then use it to charge the gear on the boat or the battery used to run the boat.

The panels that do not come will require a converter to switch the power supply and also regulate the voltage on your battery by stepping it up or down.

Know Before You Buy

When choosing the marine solar charging panel, you need to know the kind of battery that you have but in most cases, one charger will work for any gear or battery except if it is for Gel Cell. It is also important to calculate the wattage on the solar charger by knowing just how many Ampere per hours the battery stores.

Choose a charger that has a solar marine battery maintainer so that it will monitor the charging on a regular basis and stop it once the boat or the gear is fully charged.

What Size Solar Panel for Marine Battery do I Need?

Marine solar systems are fundamentally no different than other types of solar electric systems. They all have panels for harvesting the power, a battery for storage and sometimes and inverter to change the 12 volt (DC) to 120 volt (AC) current In designing a system for your boat, it is important to answer what size solar panel for marine battery you will need. To answer this, you must first determine what electrical needs you will have to power in your boat.

The most common power needs are for a bilge pump, lighting, devises like laptops and DVD players, kitchen appliances such as coffee makers and blenders, and fans . A 100 watt panel can power all of these but not all at the same time and only for a certain number of hours.

It is important to have a close look at what electrical devises you need to power on your boat and how many watts are required to run each appliance. Then you must estimate how many hours a day or week you will need to use each devise.

Solar supply stores can usually give you assistance on how best to match your marine electrical needs to the right size panels and battery when you are looking for help on what size solar panel for marine battery for your boat.

16 thoughts on “Reviews of Marine Solar Boat Battery Chargers 12 Volt

  1. L Greaney

    I need solar chargers in odd shap that can be put on seat of boat and can be set on. aft.24X20, 30X12 or 8 or 10″ X 48″. We are prot typing a boat with elec power. We gave a boat now that we powered with a 30 lbs. throst motor, and use a90 amp hr battery . the battary is mantained with solar charger 12X30 . we are going to a 54lbs throust motor and need a larger charger but are limited to odd shapes thank you L Greaney

  2. Gray

    Hi Guys!

    I have a mobility scooter. I would like to charge it using solar energy, and possibly keep it topped up while using it?

    What gear do I need please?

  3. admin Post author

    Hi Gray,

    I need to know:

    – More information about your battery (amperes hours, age, and so on..)
    – Where you live
    – A picture of your scooter (if possible)
    – How and When you use it


  4. eric faller

    I have a boat which uses 2 batteries for cabin and engine. I have a 10watt solar panel and would like to know if I need a battery regulator as I may not use the boat for a month or 2 at a time and would not to over charge and damage the batteries. If I dont need one should I fit a one way diode?

    Ant info would be most appreciated


    Eric Faller

  5. robin drake

    Ipurchased a ColemanCL-60t0 9 watt Solar Battery Charger for my Nautilus 625 amp Deep Cycle marine battery with a reserve Capacity of 120 min/ 70 AH. We have a 55 lb. thrust Minn Kota motor to use on our sailboat for close manouvering and docking , 2 or 3 times per week.. Will this charger be of any use in preserving battery life? The battery weighs 48 lbs. and I would prefer not to have to remove and charge it too often. Will I require a battery charge controller. Is there a better system with approximately the same surface area, approximately 24″ by 20″. Thankyou

  6. Jason Quin

    I have a motorguide 54lbs thrust motor for a small 14ft fishing boat, I am trying to decide on what size battery I will need and am looking for recommendations on a solar panel to keep the battery charged as I will be fishing in areas without electrical. I am still looking for the amp draws that the motor will generate, but was wondering if anyone has a similar setup or can recommend a configuration that will work. The boat only has a hand started outboard, no electrical on board to tie into..

    thanks in advance,


  7. RGH


  8. Sam Crabtree

    Dear Sir

    I have six Kyocera solar panels mounted on my sailboat, four rated at 5 amps (75 watt) and two 4 amp (60 watt). These are all in parallel. The peak amperage that I have actually shown on my Link 10 is 27 amps. This system had been controlled with a Xantrex C35, rated at 35 amps.

    The system worked fine along the Pacific Coast of California and Mexico and in the Sea of Cortez (Golfo de California to Mexicans) for three years. I left the boat in Chula Vista for a September 2009, not hooked up to electricity, with the refrigerator running. The controller failed while I was gone. The solar panels boiled the batteries (two 6-volt Trojan golf cart batteries in series, 225 amp hours) dry.

    Since then I replaced the batteries with one Sears Diehard 100 amp hour battery and have only used the solar panels while I was present to monitor them. I turn off the solar panels and every draw when I leave the boat. Since I’m at the boat about once a week this presently presents no problem.

    When starting cruising again I’d replace the battery with the golf cart batteries again.

    It is about time that I replaced the controller. Would I be exchanging the overcharging problem of controller failure for the other problem of having the refrigerator kill the battery if I set up the system to stop the solar panel current if the controller failed?

    Do you recommend system that would cut off the current if the controller failed?
    If you would, how would you recommend it be done?
    Which controller would you recommend?

    Sam Crabtree

  9. Michael L. Wiley

    I have recently purchased a Minn Kota 50# Trolling Motor for home built Transom for my 17′ canoe. I use it on rivers and only are particularly in heavier currents. I fish moving water. I am requiring a a solar system than I can lay out on the conoe while in sunny areas but mostly up into rivers where humans are not visible for decades. I am seeking a solar powered system that will equate with the power of the motor and for how long. What solar panel and what deep cell recharge time will it require. The trolling motor I am looking at is rated 115amH. The trolling motor is a Minn Kota 50#. I am just not sure what direction I need to go with in a deedeep cell battery, solar charger, and any other recommended electronics. I have read that “Deep Cell” batteries should be used not further that 51% remaining or reserve, (The reason was that if one should drain the battery dead, that it will not take a full charge again.) Confused, so thought I would call for help from the experts (YOU). Minn Kota cannot recommend anything is does not manufacture or oem. Batteries is one, however they make battery cases that actually show the the remaining power built into a battery and the remaining power in one box. Please advise me as to what I should do, what I should buy? Thank you!

  10. trever

    i have a boat i was thinking of using a solar panel on and i dont know what solar panel to get for it. i have a 12v deep cycle marine battery. i was looking at a 1.8 watt solar panel but dont know if that will keep my battery charged

  11. Jezz

    I have two 105 amp batteries. What kind of solar panel do I need to keep them charged? How much wattage is required?


  12. Ole

    how big a solar panel would you need to keep a battery charged while hanging out on the boat playing the stereo? (Just stereo and two speakers, no amps etc.)

  13. Daniel

    I have 2 trolling motor batteries and am looking for a way to charge them by solar power any suggestions and how to do this and what to buy thank you

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