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Noon Solar Powered Bag – Are You Ready to Dress the Sun?

noon solar bagThe system is based on a paper thin the outside of the bag, it’s a flexible solar panel. It charges a battery pack located inside the bag.

Place the solar panel towards the sun to collect energy (window, home, car, café, walk/bike around). The battery pack will hold the sun’s energy for several days.

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Prepare for a New Solar Thermal Reflector System

Albuquerque-based SkyFuel LLC unveiled a new solar thermal reflector system in Colorado on Oct. 10 that, for the first time, replaces glass mirrors with a polymer-based solar array.

They inaugurated a 100-meter array that sports parabolas made with the “ReflecTech” mirror film, a metalized polymer that can be laminated to aluminum sheets.

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New Report on Solar Power Industry

U.S. South West Solar Radiation MapInteresting news from Market Watch – Given the size, population, resources, and level of technology development in the United States, the US solar market is believed to be the most underexploited in the world. The US solar market has experienced fantastic growth over the last five years.

As part of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, the U.S. Investment Tax Credit provides another eight years extension for commercial and residential investments.

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New Material Captures Every Color Of The Rainbow

Sky PaletteResearchers have created a new material that overcomes two of the major obstacles to solar power: it absorbs all the energy contained in sunlight, and generates electrons in a way that makes them easier to capture.

Ohio State University chemists and their colleagues combined electrically conductive plastic with metals including molybdenum and titanium to create the hybrid material.

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