Reader’s Q&A: Looking for a solar unit to keep the battery charged through the winter months

I’m pubblishing a mail sent by Aaron:

So… I’ve spent the last few hours looking through you website… and there’s some GREAT information here… but a lot of it is very technical… I’m looking for a solar unit to keep the battery on my motorcycle charged through the winter months…

Wow Thank You Aaron, this is an hobby site and reading your words is very important to me!

I’m looking for basically a trickle charger, but something with an automatic shut-off so it won’t overcharge and boil the battery…

Yes all You need is a simple solar charger with a solar charge controller

I’ve seen several different models, but I really don’t know what I’m looking at most of the time. If I need to add a 12V outlet to plug the panel into (as I’ve seen quite a few that just plug into the lighter socket) that’s no big deal, I can do that.  I was just wondering if you could give me
some direction on what I should be looking for… You may or may not be comfortable recommending a specific model, but if so, I’m definitely interested in that… You seem to know what you’re talking about on these issues.

Yes Aaron there are different types of solar chargers, some are good to charge and power batteries and some are good to maintain the battery charged. Here there is a simple “guess so ;-)” Solar panels review chart with a series of points (n° of fingers) for each panel model. If You need a panel good only to charge maintenance and with a cheap price have a look at Coleman Solar 4.5-Watt 12-Volt Deep-Cycle Battery Charger #CL-300

Thanks in advance for your help, and for a wonderful website!!

Thank You too for reading and contacting!


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  2. admin Post author

    Thank You Solar Charger for your suggestions.

    Please don’t spam, but provide useful comments.

    If you have some good solar chargers I’ll be happy to receive some reviews from You and publish them on my blog.


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