Solar Chargers: How to Get a PSP That Saves You Money

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Would You like to play Call of Duty or PES 2010 for ever without energy expenses?

No joke, it’s true. There is lots of information on the internet on the different solar chargers for PSP.

Researching on the various features of the solar chargers will enable you choose the best charger.

Video: How to use Solar Chargers for PSP

PSP solar chargers are fairly hard to get and are fairly expensive. However, you can be able to learn more on how they operate and the special features they have online. You can even be able to order for it online.

The solar charger should be portable and environment friendly. You should consider buying a charger that will be able to capture maximum sunlight so that even when it is cloudy you can use it.

The charger should be easily portable with all its attached devices like cables. It should be very reliable.

A quality solar charger should have an extra port for charging using other forms of energy. To know which solar charger to choose for your PSP, going through users reviews on e-commerce will enlighten you on the charger to choose.

Some of the good chargers you can consider purchasing are listed below based on reviewers’ ratings.

How Much Time to Fully Charge It?

A 2.2 Amperes hour (2,200 mAp/h Lion battery) PSP battery requires nearly 13 hours of direct sunlight to be fully charged by a 2 Watt solar panel (this means 2 days). More powerful the solar charger the less time required.

Logic 3 solar charger

logic 3 solar charger

Logic 3 solar charger; it does not require any source of power and is well designed making carrying it easy. It has well designed cables to connect to wide models of PSP and after it’s fully charged can power your PSP for more than four hours. This charger can even be used on cloudy days and can even use artificial light to charge by connecting it to either USB or Dc port charge of a computer

Freeloader Solar Charger Review Video

Freeloader portable solar charger is another solar charger that can be highly recommended. It can power your PSP for more than two hours. It’s designed from stylish aluminium body and is very durable. It has power master cables and adaptors that are compatible to a variety of PSP models. It is compact in size and is very light, it can even fit in your shirt pocket. Apart from charging through it using solar it can charge using the USB port of computer.

PSP 2000 fast solar charger

psp 2000 solar charger

PSP 2000 fast solar charger is another good quality solar charger for PSP. It has a folded design to effectively protect the solar panels from damage making it durable. It can use DC charge port as spare battery and has a unique eye appealing lithium pack.

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