Review of the Best Ipod Solar Battery Charger Kits

Charge your iPod, mp3 and other electronic devices with one of the best solar chargers such as Freeloader, Power Monkey or Solio. They are ideal for use when you are out and about; on vacations, or travelling. Since they use the power of the sun to recharge your devices there is no chance that you will be without charge. The solar charger uses the high power solar panels to charge its internal battery. It may require between 7 to 9 hours fully charge depending on the weather conditions.

Once the battery is fully charged, it is capable of delivering sufficient power to charge a mobile phone to up to 70 hours standby time, over 5000 page turns on an e-book or fully charge a digital camera battery.

Below you’ll find in depth reviews of:
– Solar charger for ipod nano
– Solar charger for ipod shuffle
– Solar charger for ipod touch
– Solar charger for ipod 3g

The best solar chargers have a multi voltage switch that allows charging power hungry high voltage devices like MP3 players, SLR camera batteries portable DVD players and iPods.

The best solar chargers are of tough material such as aluminum and finished in a stylish manner. This makes them durable and still look good in no matter where they are used. They are the perfect companion for adventure travelers, explorers, journalists, armed forces, etc…

Freeloader Solar Charger

One of the best solar chargers is the Freeloader Pro “This is an incredible battery charger, it is good looking and stylish. It comes ready to charge virtually any electrical device. In fact, it can charge anything that has a USB connection.

It is capable of delivering charge from anywhere whether it is on a beach, mountain or the polar ice cap.

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Power Monkey Solar Charger Review

The power monkey is another incredible solar charger that can charge your electronic devices from almost anywhere there is sunshine. The Powermonkey Explorer Solar Charger stores up to 96 hours of power that you can use to charge mp3 players, ipod touch, mp4 players, iPhones, PSPs, PDAs, Digital cameras, etc.

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Solio Solar Charger Review

The other incredible solar charger is Solio. One of the customers of Solio charger comments, “I have used many other solar products in the extremes of the Arctic but never have I used one as reliable and indestructible as the Solio” one other user of the Solio Solar charger is Saol, a Masai Junior Elder from IIkinye Village in Kenya. A donated Solio allows Saol to call for help when the village has a medical emergency. These chargers provide an eco-friendly way to charge your iPods and mp3 players no matter where you travel.

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