Solar Cell Phone Battery Charger Reviews

Solar powered cell phone chargers can be a better alternative to electrical cell phone chargers. You have to plug in your cell phone to a home outlet and then you have to wait a long time for your cell phone to be charged.

The charging of your cell phone takes electricity and the electricity costs money. It seems that you need to pay your mobile cell phone service provider for using your cell phone and you also have to pay the electric company for using your cell phone.

The Most Recommended Solar Chargers Are:

You are out of luck if you are outdoors and your cell phone battery dies. There are hardly any places that will let you plug in your cell phone in order to charge it. This is one of the reasons why a solar cell phone recharger is for you. You can charge your cell phone battery outdoors if your cell phone dies. It is true that you need sunlight in order to charge your cell phone, but most solar mobile phone chargers come with a storage device so that you can charge your cell phone even if there is no sunlight.

How Much Time do I Need to Full Charge?

General Rule to estimate total hours of direct sunlights to full charge: (Amperer per Hour of the Battery / Amperes per Hour of the Charger) + 10%

Assuming You have a 5 Watt / Hour Cell Phone Battery (like the one of Sony Ericsson Kurara, Nokia N900 or Razr V3)  and a 2 Watt output solar Charger, You need first to convert Watt in Ampere: Ampere= Watt/Volts

It’s about 5/12 = 0.417 Amperes per Hours for the batery and 0.167 Amperes for the charger

To Calculate how much time You’ll need to charge the battery with a 2 Watt solar charger You’ll have:
1° Calculate the Ampere per hour of the charger: 2 Watts /12 Volts = 0.167 Amperes
2° Divide 0.417 amp hours (cell phone batery) / 0.167 ampers (solar charger) = 2.50 Hours of direct sunlight to full charge You cell phone Battery
3° Add 10%: 2.75 hours

Result: You’ll need an average of 3 hours of direct sunlight to full charge Your cell phone battery using a 2 Watt solar charger or 30 minutes if You have one of 18 Watt.

What to Look for Before Buy

There are many kinds of solar cell phone chargers. When choosing a solar cell phone charger look for one that is best adjusted to the kind of cell phone you have. Find a cell phone that is useful, reliable and that is affordable.

i sun solar cell phone charger
The ISun is one of the best solar cell phone chargers in the market. This solar module comes with two watts of energy output. It is reliable when going on a long trip and there are no places to charge you cell phone.

The iSun can also charge navigation systems, iPods and other small electronics up to two watts of energy. If you need to power another small electronic device of more than two watts the iSun allows you to plug in one or more iSun devices for more energy.

It is only of any use if there is no other source of power

The Portable Solar Charger for Cell Phones is a great acquisition that saves both money when charging your cell phone and money when buying this exciting gadget. The solar charger can be powered via the sun with, a USB cable or directly to the wall. This portable solar charger comes with one solar cell. The output voltage is 5.5 volts and it is compatible with most brands of cell phones (like Blackberry and LG).
solio solar cell phone charger
The Solio Classic is ideal for those people that are constantly moving around. It uses both electricity and solar energy to charge your phone. It offers 20 minutes of talk after an hour period of sunshine. The batteries are replaceable and they last for up to one year. The Solio is perfect to power other hand held devices.

Solar cell phone chargers can help you save money on cell phone usage over a year’s period. They are handy devices that provide energy to your cell phone when your cell phone dies.

Cell phones are an important part of people’s everyday life and lots of communications are relayed through a cell phone that is why having a good cell phone charger is important.

Where Can I Buy a Solar Powered Mobile Phone ?

Finding solar powered mobile phones can be quite challenging depending on where you are. In today’s market very few models arise from the major manufacturers. Samsung recently introduced one and joins the likes of Sharp as the only other manufacturers to have models run from solar power.

Finding these phones can be quite difficult for some. Samsung announced that their solar powered phone, The Crest, would be available in India, Europe and much of Asia in 2009, but not the US. Sharp has recently pushed release of their phone from Japan to China and Europe and has targeted the rest of the globe in the near future. Unfortunately for US consumers Sharp has not released the phone in the country.

For US consumers finding the solar powered phones (that they don’t import themselves) is next to impossible, all though there are still solar powered options. Various skins for iphones and ipads are available that will convert the energy of the sun into electricity. Also various solar powered chargers are on the market in the US. Sharp though will beat the other competitors such as LG and Samsung to the US market though the release date is unsure at the moment.

How to Make a Solar Cell Phone Charger ?

Start by taking apart your solar lamp, the top usually snaps off, and then you have to unscrew the portion with the led and circuit board, unscrew the circuit board, and the light sensor, being careful not to damage any of the wires. use the pliers to cut away excess plastic from around the battery casing, and to remove the on/off switch. you want it intact.

Carefully remove the solar panel. discard the led. repeat with each solar light.
Solder the battery compartments positive to negative, in a chain using some extra wire.
Remove the part of your charger that plugs into your phone, soldering the wires to each end of your solar panel chain. Glue the panels around the record. Charge your phone using the sun!

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