Review of the HQRP Solar Power Controller 10Amp 150W with Digital LED Display

The HQRP 10Amp 150W Solar Power Controller manufactured by Osprey-Talon is an easy to use and nicely crafted device used to control those 12 and 24V solar panels and regulate the charging of your batteries. It supports up to 150W for 12V and 300W for the 24V panels. It’s four stage charging mechanism conducts equalization, Pulse Width Modulation, Boost and Float, and temperature compensation. It has a regulations point voltage of 14.4 volts with a low voltage disconnect at 11.1V and a low voltage reconnect at 13.1V

This controller also has some other features you won’t find on similarly-priced models that make it easier to use. Osprey-Talon has designed this unit to allow you to turn the load off and on directly from the controller, whereas some other similar products require that you manually unplug the unit. It also gives you the ability to use up to 6mm2 or 10 guage wiring at the solar panel terminals; many others only allow for up to 4mm2 or 12 guage wire.

Maintenance is pretty much automated with the HQRP solar power controller so you won’t have to do a whole lot at all to keep it up to specs. The automated load control is great and will save you from having to plug and unplug the unit when needed.

Also the electronic protections include lighting protection, short circuit and over current (solar and load), high voltage limitation to protect loads, reverse current at night, and a tropicalization conformal coated circuit board which helps to protect the circuits from extreme environmental conditions.

Those are just a few of the positive things to say about this controller and as far as drawbacks there are just a couple that should be mentioned before you consider purchasing. The included instructions in the package are minimal and simply show a diagram of the wiring connections.

If you are comfortable and knowledgable enough about your equipment this will not be a problem. Also the “LED Digital Display” as it is called is simply LED lights and not a “Display” as the wording might lead you to believe. This isn’t really a problem either considering the low price and you may already have a meter or another display wired into your circuit already. Overall the HQRP solar power controller does its job and does it well. It would be hard to find a better product for the price.

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