How to Use Solar Inverters

solar panels inverter dc to acThe inverter 12 to 220Volt transforms the battery current to 220V to use in equipment operating at 220 volts.  Ideal for television, computer, mobile phones, etc… , compressors, refrigerators etc. …

Most solar energy systems generate DC current which is stored in batteries. Nearly all lighting products, appliances, motors, etc, are designed to use alternating current, it takes an inverter to change the battery-DC stored at the standard power (120 V AC, 60 Hz).

In an inverter, a direct current (DC) is moving back and forth to produce an alternating current (AC).

12 thoughts on “How to Use Solar Inverters

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  2. amber

    I want to convert my house over to solar power but im not sure what to use for the storage for night time use. I havent run across anything about that. another think how do you choose an inverter? do you use a 12V battery no matter how many solar panels a person needs? and… how do you figure out how many panels you need? i been doing research but im still in the begining stages. help would be appreciated.


  3. Sin Wei Hng

    HI i ‘m a engineering i need to know all about solar planer
    can u help me to know what is solar planer n how to use it ..
    nice to meet u now i at malaysia
    cos malaysia so hot n also i need to know how to use solar planer with inveter

  4. LEKH

    HI i ‘m a engineering i need to know all about solar Inverter…..
    cn u help me that how many people have worked on solar Inverter?
    plz send me these files/Doc. on my gmail ID……..
    and u can also tell me any help web site….

  5. Brenden Farley

    I Have a 1.5 hp well pump 220 volts. I want to run the pump for 2 hours daily. I am going to set it up on a timer. How many panels and how many 12 volt deep cycle batteries do you recommend. The pump only pumps about 3 gal per minute. How long will it take to recharge the batteries.

  6. jeff

    I would like to operate my 220 volt pool pump from solar power. I live in the Nicoya, Pennisula of Costa Rica so there is plenty of sun.

    What do I need? and what will it cost?


  7. Alan

    I am looking at also powering my 220v well with solar. I know I can use a generator but in a disaster there’s no gas to run the generator. Depending on how much full sun you get and load will dictate the number of panels you need. I was thinking of needing a panel output of 500 watts, that will charge the batteries. After 3+ hours I should have 1.5kw/hr stored to run the inverter and 110/220 transformer. Any extra power stored could be used in the house. I’m not planning on running the pump for more than a hour at most. I also checked to replace my 220 pump with a 24v dc pump. A local well drilling company quoted $1050 to swap the pump and about $750 for the new DC pump. Ouch!

  8. naziru s iliyasu

    pls i need to know how an inverter of 1kv with 7mosfet of irf 3205 and ic sg3524 will operate using solar panel of 80w.

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