Review of Sunforce 50033 15-Watt Solar Charging Kit

sunforce 5033 Technical Details: With the Sunforce 50033 15-Watt Solar Charging Kit, a person will have new found love for the sun. This product only weighs two pounds and a person can use the kit to keep a charge on just about any available 12-Volt battery available. This product has a LED indicator that tells the person when it is fully charged and ready to use.

Ease of Use: With easy to follow instructions provided with the kit, setup is quick and easy. There is virtually no learning curve to using the product and once it is setup, nothing needs to be done but allow the sun to do its job. Depending on what the charger is asked to charge, it may take longer than most people will want to wait.

Maintenance: Maintaining this device is perhaps the best feature. With virtually nothing to clean, keeping the solar charger productive and ready at a moment’s notice is simple. All a person needs to do is keep the solar panel clean and dirt free, and making sure the cables are not damaged before use is all that is required to keep it in working condition.

Functionality: The best thing about the Sunforce 50033 15-Watt Solar Charging Kit is that it can be used to power just about anything. The most common uses of this product is to power RVs, boats and electronic equipment. Without the need for an expensive generator, this solar panel will save a person time and money.

Pros and Cons: Just like any product on the market, there are going to be pros and cons for the product. Some of the time they are just people’s opinions and are rare occurrences, but many of the comments on the product are valid and common occurrences. Also it is good for keeping power tool batteries fully charged without having to use a power outlet.

Pros: One of the most common pros for this product was the ease of use. Anyone can use this product because it is simple and to the point. No wiring experience needed to begin using the solar panel.

Cons: One of the most common cons for this product is the inability to fully charge something. This mostly occurs when a person is trying to charge an RV while using lights and other power consuming activities. Another popular con is the lack of power output. Many people have complained that this product does not put out the specified amount of Watts.

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