Review: Sunforce 50056 Solar Accessory Kit Performs With Ease

Inexpensive in price, and handy for use, the Sunforce 50056 solar accessory kit fits the description of general-purpose solar wiring equipment. Along with dual battery clamps with twelve feet of wire, this lightweight package contains the following hand tools and connection devices: 12V DC plug, female socket connector, regulator connector including tinned wires, and an LED light-based voltage tester. The 50056 accessory kit is designed to help the novice electrician make quick and easy connections between multiple solar panels and inverters.

The Sunforce 50056 solar accessory kit is a set of cables and adapters that are designed to work with small scale Sunforce solar panels. Thus the kit is ready to plug, clamp, and go. The included voltage tester may not be ready for major electronic troubleshooting activities, but it will likely be fully sufficient for the task at hand.

Now maintenance of the Sunforce 50056 solar accessory kit is easy. You are only dealing with a handful of components, and those are for the most part sealed units. Keep them free of grease, out of water, and away from animals. Do not kink the cords. Be careful about stretching lines too tight. The 50056 accessory kit will serve its function and last for years.

Still, the manufactures could have provided a more customer conscious package by applying one of the following two options:

1. Lower the price by a few dollars. Leave out the cheap voltage tester. Let the customer furnish his or her own testing equipment.
2. Raise the price by a few dollars, and leave the customer with a worthwhile tool by including a more purpose adaptable, digital voltage meter.

Solar charging kits are designed for the person looking for inexpensive, green power. Sunforce solar panels help you keep your batteries charged in boats, tractors, all terrain vehicles (ATV), electric fences, and more. The 50056 solar accessory kit helps you make the link ups that increase power and enable you to light up your cabin, charge your 12-volt batteries, and maintain a clean and silent back-up power system for various electronic devices ranging from deer feeders to landscaping pumps.

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