Sunforce 60 Watt Solar Panel Kit Review

The Sunforce 50044 60-Watt Solar Charging Kit is a solar power kit designed to power 12V batteries, which in turn can be used to charge household electronics. Ready to operate in weather as cold as -40 F, and as hot as 176 F, the Sunforce panels can be used in virtually any climate. Whether you are using the panels to provide electricity to a small cabin, an RV, or outdoor equipment, the Sunforce solar panel kit can provide you with free electricity.

Technical Details
This Sunforce kit includes:

  • Four 15-watt amorphous solar panels. Amorphous panels, unlike the more delicate crystalline panels, can withstand a lot of abuse from the weather without being damaged. However, they are not as energy-efficient as their crystalline cousins.
  • Mounting frames for the panels.
  • A 200-watt power inverter.
  • Solar charge controller (7-amp).
  • Wiring kit, including accessories used in installation.

sunforce 60 watt solar charging kit

Installation and Maintenance
While it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to install solar panels or figure out how many solar panels you’ll need to run your cabin or RV, nevertheless you will need to educate yourself carefully to make sure you’re choosing the right solar kit for your application and installing it correctly. It’s helpful to have a friend who knows a thing or two about electrical wiring as you set up; otherwise, read the manual very carefully.

The advantage of this particular kit is that it will not require very much maintenance. Hose it off once in a while to remove accumulated dirt that may block sunlight.

Other Sunforce Models
If this particular Sunforce solar kit doesn’t work out for you, consider some of their other solar kits. They have several smaller kits that can keep batteries juiced up, but they also have high-efficiency polycrystalline solar panels that generate about 30% more power than the 60-watt model.

Pros and Cons
User reviews for the Sunforce 50044 60-Watt Solar Charging Kit are very positive. However, several reviewers warn that the 60-watt claim made by the manufacturer is often unattainable. Those 60 watts can be generated only in constant bright sunlight, so if you live north of Texas, don’t expect 60 watts on a regular basis; 45 watts is more realistic.

Overall, if you want an inexpensive, durable solar power system that can charge a few smaller appliances, such as lamps and laptops, this product is a good match.

2 thoughts on “Sunforce 60 Watt Solar Panel Kit Review

  1. Jeff

    I live in a very sunny part of Costa Rica and would like to run my 220 volt pool pump with solar. Can anyone lead me in the right direction as far as how large a system I would need and the approximate cost?

  2. Ray Rosado

    What kind of solar equipment would I need to run two (2) 18 watts water pumps and two (2) 4 watts air pumps in an aquaponics system??

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