How to Recharge a Drill Battery with a Solar Panel ?

When working away from a electrical outlet to charge your electric drill battery can be a pain especially when you really need to use your drill on an important project. Fortunately it is possible to use a solar panel to recharge that drill and any other power tool or electrical device’s battery. The question is how to use a solar panel to be able to charge these batteries?

The answer to this question is by connecting a solar panel to a 12 volt battery and then by using an inverter connected to the 12 volt battery you can charge the cordless drill battery and any other electrical device that you may need. Charging a cordless drill battery in this way may take longer than normal.

You can get help setting up this kind of solar charging system by visiting a boat supply store, many people around the world use this kind of solar charging system when living on yachts and its simple to set up, all the components can be purchased at a boat supply store and are the best quality but a bit expensive, you can also find an inverter and solar panel cheaper online to save some cash.

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